Exterior: Oxford White
Interior: Charcoal
Transmission: Manual
Roof: T-Roof
Radio: AM/FM
Options: Air Conditioning
                  Speed Control
Ford Production Date: October 22, 1984
Dealership: Spiker Ford/Mercury - Milford, MI
​Registry Status: Documented

Notes: This is the prototype.

It was pulled off the dealer lot & sent to Graphix Concepts for design. It featured the Mercury cat painted red on the center caps, which was dropped for the remaining cars. The Ford L/M Motorsport decal was originally in red and on the upper fender. This would be dropped at the 11th hour. That decal became white & was placed on the lower airdam and would not be added like it was to the remaining cars. It was the car featured on all promotional items created by Mercury.
It is 1 of 1 built with this option configuration. 

Pictures above during the designing process at Graphix Concepts showing both decal designs.
This was prior to ASC Mclaren added their componants
It was on display inside the Renaissance Center​ during the week of the race(pictured here) & featured additional temporary decals not on any of the other cars. 

After the race the additional decals would be removed & the car was returned to Spiker Ford/Mercury where it was used in their showroom before selling.
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